The next evolution in quoting is here

The story of WeQuote is one of constant evolution, in 2021 we brought accurate supplier pricing to hundreds of dealers. Today, it's our pleasure to announce: interactive quoting

Send your proposal to the customer as a link, track views and get notified of a comment or acceptance. Better yet, create a revision and update the proposal with live prices from your catalogues.

Send a live proposal link

Send your proposal as a mobile-friendly web link so you have a hand on the deal at all times.

See if it's being looked at

See if the customer has viewed the proposal, when it was last opened or if the customer is viewing it right now.

Sign and accept the quote

The customer can sign and accept the proposal straight from their phone.

Update prices dynamically

Set a short expiry date and update your proposal with the new prices straight from your catalogues.

It's time for your customers to choose

Give your customers the ability to choose exactly what they want, for a price that makes sense to them.

Set your quote apart from others by giving your customers the option to choose exactly what they want, all from their desktop or mobile phone with the new responsive web quotes.

Create your options

Decide on a selection of products to give a variety of options to the customer.

Optional or required, you decide

Choose between a "Yes/No" checkbox or an either or option with a required answer.

Set up multiple different options

Give your customer a wider choice making it more likely you'll win the job.

Now it's in their hands

Send the quote to the customer and watch them select from the different options.

Blinds Importer

Remove manual entry for blinds and curtain tracks with the new importer tool, designed with Lutron blinds in mind.

Upload your file

Inside a quote, click on Importer and upload your file.

Choose what to import

Choose which lines to import into the quotation

Add the imported products

Instantly add the lines to your quote as custom lines

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Seamlessly link to Xero

Connect your account in a few seconds, create a quote and send it straight to Xero.

Connect in seconds

Head to integrations, click Connect to Xero, sign in and set your rates. Then you're ready to go.

Create an invoice

Create an invoice from a quote, call off a % of the quote or individual systems and areas.

Send to Xero

Then click Send to Xero to reconcile the quote.

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Say hello to our new supplier

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Pick your parts

Convert your project into a picklist so you always know what is required to carry out the job.

Get the right parts

Ensure you get the right parts in the correct quantities against what you already have in stock.

See what's been ordered

Keep a tally of which parts have been ordered and how many have been received.

Export as a PDF or CSV

Print off your parts list or download the CSV data to use in a project management.

Available now!

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More tools to get organised

Quote and project activity

Add notes and keep track of what's happening in a quote.

Default ordering

Reorder systems and subsystems in the backend so your quotes are always created in the order you want.

Set permissions

Set permissions for different staff members such as locking products or billing.

Filter your products

Dig down into your products with advanced filtering.

Quotes made even better

Display accessories

Present accessories with an improved the layout and additional customisation options.

Offer discounts

Give your customers a discount off a product, a system or the entire quote.

Set VAT rates

Set VAT rates for your quotes and products. Choose different rates for products and labour.

and that's not all..


Restore deleted quotes

Job titles

Invoice layouts

Bulk price adjustments

Update labour automatically

Automatic .webp image conversion

More proposal styling options

Optionally multiply accessories within a bundle

Text sizing improvements for smaller screens

Sticky column headers

Edit a product from the toolkit in Systems

Tags enabled on the proposal generator

Edit supplier product description

Set default proposal type

Set default expiry date

Get started with the most powerful quoting platform on the market.

Add products at speed, quickly build and repeat accurate quotations then generate stunning proposals to win the job.


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