Change Orders

Order the right parts from the right supplier in the format that works for your company

How many times has your customer asked you to change the quote or proposal after it has been accepted? Too many.

Set the quote to accepted

Your customer has just accepted the quote and it's ready to be placed into the "Accepted" state.

Create a new Change Order

Open the accepted quote, and start creating the change order directly inside.

Add or remove products to the quotation

Freely delete parts and add new ones to make the changes that the customer needs.

Send the Change Order summary to the customer

All of your changes are automatically tracked and presented to the customer in a clear concise form.

Purchase Orders

Order the correct parts from the right supplier in the format that works for your company.

Take all of the work out of creating an accurate purchase order.

Create a purchase order by supplier, brand or manufacturer

Filter the purchase order so you can create custom purchase orders and tell suppliers what you need.

Choose by Systems, Area or individual products

Tailor the purchase order the job by selecting from systems areas or individual products in a quote.

Generate a clear concise Purchase Order

Send the quote to the customer and watch them select from the different options.


Make it easy to sell to customers in different countries (request only)

Select your default currency

Choose a default currency for your account and products.

Create quotes in multiple currencies

Select any currency to create a quote and sell to the customer in that currency.

Add products with prices converted automatically

Build up your quote with a selection of products from different catalogues.

and that's not all..


Set to default multiply accessories

Add a supplier from the edit manufacturer popup

Show last updated date when you open a catalogue

Quickly add multiple areas and area groups

Clone option to multiple areas with products

Expand/collapse button on options tree

Options library (to save options for later)

Preview options when editing

Clickable hyperlinks in project/quote notes

Warning when leaving price adjustments without saving

Copy customer details when creating new contact

Product documents

Add new labour types when editing quote line

Show notes across revisions

Automatically create new revision when user attempts to accept old revision

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