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Revolutionising Electrician Quotes: A Webinar Walkthrough with Click Deco Plus

In an industry where time is as crucial as accuracy, electricians have long sought solutions to streamline their quoting processes. Recognising this, the owner and CEO of WeQuote, Lee Roche recently hosted an enlightening webinar, showcasing a ground-breaking feature within our quoting software, specifically designed for electricians. This feature simplifies the creation of detailed, interactive quotes, incorporating products directly from Expert Electrical, such as the versatile Click Deco Plus sockets.

Simplifying the Quoting Process

The focus of the webinar was to demonstrate the ease with which electricians can now generate quotes using By integrating parts from, such as the stylish Click Deco Plus 2 Gang Power Sockets, Minigrid Light Switches, USB Charging Sockets, and Fused Spurs, the quoting process becomes not just faster, but also more interactive and customer-friendly.

Interactive Quotes with Customisable Options

A highlight of the webinar was our interactive quoting features. This allows customers to customise their selections, such as choosing finishes for their Click Deco Plus sockets. Whether they prefer the elegance of Antique Brass with Black Inserts or the modern look of Polished Brass with White Inserts, the power of choice is in their hands. This capability significantly enhances customer satisfaction by providing them with a personalised experience while saving electricians valuable time.

Featured Products:

  • Click Deco Plus 2 Gang Power Sockets: A cornerstone of the webinar, these sockets combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Available in finishes like Antique Brass with Black Inserts, they exemplify the customisation options available through the WeQuote platform.
  • Minigrid Light Switches: These switches underscore the flexibility and adaptability of the quotes created with our software, integrating seamlessly into any design.
  • USB Charging Sockets: Highlighting the modern electrician’s needs, these USB Charging Sockets offer convenience and style, a testament to the comprehensive nature of quotes created through the WeQuote platform.
  • Fused Spurs: Essential for safety and functionality, the inclusion of Fused Spurs in quotes ensures electricians can offer a complete solution to their clients.

The WeQuote Advantage

Our quoting software is meticulously designed with electricians in mind, streamlining the quote creation process to save time and eliminate the back-and-forth with customers. The webinar demonstrated not just the functionality of our software but its potential to transform how electricians engage with their clients and manage their workflows.

By enabling customisation directly within the quote, we empower electricians to offer a more engaging and personalised service. This, combined with the seamless integration of high-quality parts from, ensures that the quotes are not only accurate and comprehensive but also visually appealing and customer-centric.

Looking Forward

The positive feedback from the webinar attendees has been overwhelming, underscoring the demand for innovative solutions in the electrical industry. As we move forward, WeQuote remains committed to enhancing our software, ensuring it remains at the forefront of quoting technology for electricians. Our aim is to make the quoting process as simple and swift as possible, saving electricians time and enhancing their interactions with customers.

For those who missed the live webinar, we invite you to visit our website at WeQuote to discover how our quoting software can revolutionise your business. Together, let’s redefine efficiency in the electrical industry.