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The AV and home automation industries are rapidly evolving, and with this evolution comes the need for efficient and accurate quoting, with live pricing on your favourite products, directly from your favourite suppliers. WeQuote, a leading cloud-based quoting platform, is making waves within the Residential AV, electrical & security industry. Let’s explore the reasons behind WeQuote’s growing reputation as the most powerful quotation software for AV and home automation integrators.

1. Real-Time Supplier Integration:

WeQuote’s integration with leading suppliers ensures that product additions, price changes, and discontinuations are updated daily. This feature guarantees that quotes are always current and accurate, providing a significant edge in fast-paced market environments. Quote directly from suppliers such as:

2. Developed by Industry Experts:

Developed in house from the ground up by an AV integrator who worked within the industry for 20 years, WeQuote addresses real-world challenges surrounding quoting & managing your business. Its features are not theoretical but have been thoroughly tested in the field, ensuring they meet the practical needs of integrators, electricians and Pro AV companies.

3. Cost-Effective & Fair Pricing Structure:

WeQuote employs a unique pricing model based on accepted quote value. Costs are directly linked to successful transactions, aligning the software’s pricing with your business success. This approach makes WeQuote a risk-free option, as costs are incurred only on successful quotes.

4. Collaborative and Flexible:

The platform supports an unlimited number of staff working on the same quote simultaneously. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger projects, fostering teamwork and improving project coordination. Templates can be applied to proposals, allowing your brand to be consistent across all quotes sent out

5. Customisable Labour Representation:

Labour costs, often a complex aspect of quoting, are handled flexibly in WeQuote. Labour can be displayed at the end of a quote, per system, or within individual products, offering clarity and customization to meet diverse project needs.

6. Easy Product Import and Quote Transfer:

Transitioning from other platforms to WeQuote is seamless. The platform supports the import of existing products and quotes, facilitating a smooth transition for businesses looking to upgrade their quoting process.

7. Invoicing and Purchase Orders

Invoice exactly what you need across multiple quotes and track every payment. Call off parts and labour across multiple quotes Choose how much of your quotes you want to invoice

8. User-Friendly Interface:

Designed for ease of use, WeQuote allows for quick product addition, accurate quote building, and the generation of visually appealing proposals. This streamlined interface enhances productivity and reduces the learning curve.

9. Third-Party integrations

WeQuote supports third party integrations with companies such as Zoho, Quickbooks, Xero, Stripe, Shopify, Zapier, Magento and many more.

10. Run multiple companies, using multiple currencies

On WeQuote, you are able to run multiple companies or branches within your one account with no extra cost. Additionally, if you work across projects within different countries, WeQuote allows you to use multiple currencies and tax rates at any one time.

WeQuote is transforming the AV and home automation industries with its comprehensive, intuitive, and efficient quoting solutions. By offering features like real-time supplier updates, collaborative quoting, customizable labor displays, and a vast supplier network, WeQuote is more than just software—it’s an essential tool for professionals seeking to excel in their field, streamline business management & scale quickly.