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Adding Labour Types

Create labour groups and types by type of work or a specific role in your business.

Set the hourly cost and your margin or markup to use labour in your quotes.

  • Click Configure
  • Click Labour Types
  • Click Add Labour Group – This can be your company name if you only intend to have one group
  • Click Add Labour Type
  • Give your labour a name e.g. Standard Engineer On-Site
  • If you are using day-rates, set how many hours are in the day for this type
  • Enter your Cost and Margin to determine your Price and Profit

The next step is to ask yourself the following question. How do I want to present the labour to the client?

  1. Labour attached to each individual product
  2. A labour type for each system
  3. A summary of labour at the end of the quote

Labour can be added to the quote in multiple ways so you can choose exactly how your client see’s the information.

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