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Integrate with QuickBooks

  1. Sign in to your WeQuote account at
  2. Go to your Account Settings by clicking the account name or settings cog
  3. Click Integrations then click Link QuickBooks Account
  4. A window will open up where you need to insert your QuickBooks login details. Please select which QuickBooks organisation WeQuote can access and click “Authorise”. You can connect only one WeQuote account to one QuickBooks organisation.
  5. In order for the integration to work seamlessly, you need to specify which WeQuote data goes into which QuickBooks account. Set up your nominal codes by clicking Integration Setup.
  6. Your integration is now complete.

Using WeQuote with QuickBooks

  1. To begin using QuickBooks with WeQuote, move a quote to Accepted and turn it into a Project. Once the quote is inside a project, create an invoice.
  2. At this stage you will see the option to Link Customer to QuickBooks or Send to QuickBooks. A contact on QuickBooks is required to push the invoice. To link or add a contact, click Link Customer, search through QuickBooks contacts or add a new contact.
  3. Once a customer has been linked, click Send to QuickBooks to send the invoice over to QuickBooks.
  4. The invoice will now appear in your QuickBooks account linked to that contact.