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Reorder systems and areas

Reorder anything in your quotes at all levels.

  1. Set a default subsystem order

Navigate to “Systems” then click “Edit System” and click the Reorder tab. Simply drag and drop the subsystems to reorder. When you add these systems to a quote your subsystems will be added and displayed on the proposal in this order.

2. Reordering systems and groups

Inside any quote, navigate to “Quote Editor”. Simply drag and drop a system or group to move it up and down the list. The same works for subsystems and areas.

3. Reordering products in the quote editor

Inside the “Quote Editor” hover over any subsystem or area and click the reorder arrows and move the products up or down the list. Note that the hierarchy will prioritize systems and areas so reordering products is more frequently used for simple line item quotations.

4. Reordering products in the quote summary

Inside the “Quote Summary” simply click the reorder arrows then drag and drop the products up or down the list.