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How do I start invoicing a project?
First, ensure you have at least one quote, in the accepted state, inside a project, then navigate to the Projects tab and open the new project.

How do I create invoices for my quotes?
Once inside a project, click Create Invoice

Choose What to Invoice

  • Invoice the remainder of a quote, with the option to invoice labour, products or both at the same time.
  • Invoice by systems, choose which of your systems and how much to invoice from each of them.
  • Invoice by areas, choose which of your areas and how much to invoice from each of them.

And here’s the best part: select multiple options from the above from different quotes and invoice them all together.

Generate the Invoice

Create the invoice and choose how to display the information to the customer

Send the invoice to the customer

Once the layout of the invoice is set, click print. The invoice is now ready to send to the customer.

Track Payments

Track where your payments are up to with intuitive statuses and clear visual indicators to see how much is outstanding for each invoice, quote and the entire project.

Invoicing is only accessible after setting your quote to the Accepted state.