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Quick-Start Guide Part 1

Here’s a quick-start guide to help you understand the basics of WeQuote in 3 easy parts.

  1. Access supplier catalogues, products and pricing

Once you have completed the tutorial, you should have requested access to all of your supplier catalogues. This means those products are now accessible for you to use in your quotes. If you skip the tutorial, don’t worry, go to Catalogues in the left navigation and request access to your suppliers catalogues. The steps in this guide will cover anything you’ve missed.

  1. Create a quote

Click “Add New Quote” in the top-right corner of the platform. Enter a description, Select a Customer or Add a New Customer and click “Create Quote”.

  1. Line item quotation

Click on “Add Product”, choose linked catalogues and pick a product from a supplier.

  1. Adding labour

Click on “Add Custom Line / Labour”, enter a name for your labour line e.g. “First-Fix Wiring”. Then click “Add Labour” and select one of your labour types, then choose the amount of hours before clicking “Add Product” to add the labour line to the quote.