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Integrate with Zoho

  1. Sign in to your WeQuote account at
  2. Go to your Account Settings by clicking the account name or settings cog
  3. Click Integrations then click Link Zoho CRM Account
  4. A window will open up where you need to insert your Zoho login details.
  5. Your integration is now complete.

Zoho Customer Data

To begin using the Zoho integration, navigate to “Customers” and import all of your customers from Zoho using the button provided.

You also have the option to push the customers into Zoho when creating or updating a customer that’s not already in your Zoho system.

Note that once the customer is linked to Zoho, any updates on WeQuote will automatically be pushed to Zoho.

The integration is set up by default to use the “Accounts” or “Contacts” Zoho Module for the data.

In “Contacts” mode: Zoho Contacts will become Customers on WeQuote

In “Accounts” mode: Zoho Accounts will become Customers on WeQuote, while associated Zoho Contact will become Contact under the WeQuote customers.

Zoho Quote Data

You can push a quote through to the Zoho Deals module by pressing a button on quote summary.

Press the button again to update in Zoho.

Quote stages will be mapped to standard Zoho Deal stages.

One-Way and Two-Way Synchronization

Quotes are one-way to Zoho updated as they’re changed in WeQuote.

Customers are two-way, WeQuote will push and pull changes to/from Zoho. This will not occur in real-time but a pull will be made every 5 minutes alternatively you can press the sync button in the customer list for it to take immediate effect.