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Quote Statuses

Track the progress of your quotes, see when quotes were sent and download the proposals.


A job belongs to the lead status when it has not been approved or agreed that the quote should be started, either internally or externally.

In Progress

A job should be moved to In Progress when you are actively working on a quote, adding in your systems, products and areas.


After you have previewed your proposal and are happy with it, you are ready to download the quote. When you click to download the quote, you will be prompted to enter the sent date and expiry date of the quotation. After you confirm this, your quote will automatically be moved into the Sent status. Once a quote has entered the sent status, you must make a new revision to make further changes.


Once your customer has accepted the quote, the next stage is to invoice the quote and start creating your purchase orders. This means your quote needs to become a project, this could contain one quote or multiple quotes. When you are ready to move onto the projects stage, move your quote into accepted using the dropdown at the top of the page.

Here’s a quick sample quotation showing the correct use of statuses:

Statuses are an important part of the platform. They enable you to keep track of all your jobs, where they are up to and what date they changed state. This allows you to monitor things like how long it has been since you sent a quote.